Monday, August 31, 2009

Franz Ferdinand

On Thursday night, we went to see Franz Ferdinand play live at The Palladium in Hollywood. They rocked that place. They didn't say much either. Here's what I know about the Franzia. They're from Scotland. That's it. Oh, and that they're very talented and play catchy dance-like rock n' roll. Check out this clip. The picture is shakey, but the audio's pretty good, Franz Ferdinand had great light and visual show too that night.

An Evening with Cake

As the free poster we received on the way out (not shown) said, we did enjoy "an evening with Cake", who performed live at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater on Hollywood Blvd this past Wednesday. I was pleased to hear all of my favorite classic Cake songs, like, "Stick Shifts and Safety Belts", "Daria" and "Italian Leather Sofa". As the poster (shown) indicates, the show was rife with political commentary, the highlight being a push up competition where first prize was a small tree, because apparently Cake loves fitness and the environment (small tree not shown).

Is that a Manatee on Ricky Lake

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ouch, Favre's Back?

As you may have heard, Brett Favre has once again come out of retirement and signed on to play with The Minnesota Vikings. Just like Raider Nation and The Cleveland Browns "Dog Pound",
I think fans should go to all home games dressed as old men, wearing number 4 jerseys.
Good luck Brett! 39 never seemed so young.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Claw

Well, it's not a Happy Ending for these fellas, but the risk reward is great if you happen to snag one of these craved crustaceans on the first try for only $2. The lobster game is for real at this Hollywood sports bar.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Think Fast!

Can you guess what fast food restaurant Esquire Magazine says chefs name as their favorite? Hint "John 3:16"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Death Monsters

Here's what I love about San Francisco, bicyclists call automobiles "Death Monsters". San Francisco is a very bike-friendly town. You might even say that the bicycle community is a strong and influential presence there. (See: Critical Mass)I'm not sure at what intersection this photo was taken, The Mission, Lower Haight? (photo credit: The DR). Cars are not allowed in Golden Gate Park on Sunday. No, this is not some graffiti or installation artist's latest hoax/work. This is for real.