Monday, May 18, 2009

Chicago - The Grand Finale

The last installment of our Chicago trip ends at David Burke's Primehouse, located in the James Hotel. Known for its dry aged beef, the restaurant serves up many different cuts and ages. The meal was fantastic. The service was above par, friendly and informative.We started with a delicious Caesar salad, made and tossed the old fashioned way, right there at our table.
I had the 40 day aged bone in Rib Eye. It was very good, but I'm starting to feel that the aging process might make the meat too old tasting for my liking. Go figure. I also had the blue cheese mouse and truffle fries to accompany my steak. I tried a few different red wines by the glass (Zin, Pinot, Cab). Someone also ordered a Tempranillo (Spanish red) from the extensive wine list, which was also quite good.
Afterwards, we were treated to a tour of the dry age room where the meat ages at 42 degrees along side a wall of Himalayan Pink Salt for superb taste and quality.Each cut is tagged with the date to see how long it's been aging.
This is a picture of Prime 2071. Most of the steaks served at this restaurant come from this bull. Thanks, bull and thanks to David Burke's Primehouse Management for the hospitality.


ADubJ said...

Saw this place on Food Network (or the like). Is that a $50 steak? "Too old tasting for my liking" ain't exactly a rave review. Makes it sound quite aweful.

Victoria said...

blue cheese mousse!

cyberob151 said...

A good time was had by all!

The Leisure Man said...

It was a great place, great service, very special. I just think my tastes aren't yet refined enough to enjoy the dry aged? Might not be my thing. But yes, the restaraunt is pricey, but food is good and the joint is sweet.