Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Corn Pone, Covered

I've heard the term Corn Pone before but never know what it was. I assumed it was a made up word by Frank Sinatra, currently being used by my teed friends, but...last night at The Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge I discovered the true meaning. A corn pone is a delicious long and slender cornbread product, made for dipping in soup or in my case chicken chili. I can see the resemblance to well...a corn pone...


ADubJ said...

Cover your bird "delicious long and slender cornbread product?" I don't think so. Pony is as Pony does.

Proper usage?

From a New Yorker story about the Kennedy's vs. the Johnson's:
Jackie (Kennedy) called the Johnsons “Colonel Cornpone and his Little Porkchop.”

LBJ = Colonel Cornpone. Perfect.

Victoria said...

We need to hang out there more.

I am Leisure Man said...

Can we agree that it is also a cornbread product?