Monday, September 22, 2008


Certain things have come to light recently in regards to a certain upcoming proposition vote. Call it the "Not Get Unteed Bill", which will outlaw drinking in public parks and beaches in beautiful San Diego County. This pic is evidence for those for not getting not unteed in said picture perfect Southern California havens.
We as a society have certain duty as to not get so unreasonably teed as so to harm the environment or fellow tees around us. Whether it's taking a cab when your too teed to drive or recycling your beverage receptacles, please please be responsibiliteed.


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ADubJ said...

Not getting teed on the beach is like is like not getting teed on the golfcourse: it just ain't right. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about responsiliTee's and I consider myself a responsiliTeed (most of the time). The fact that a booze ban equates to a beach being pro-family (bring your kids - hell, bring 10) is no selling point in my book. If litter is the issue, punish the litterer's. If bum-love is the issue, contract a bum-slayer.

We can't smoke on the beach. We can't drink on the beach. Where does it end . . .? And what does this really solve? Our forefathers fought for our right to get teed. Take my cocktail you say?

From my cold, dead hands!