Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pink Vodka

Okay I know the name sounds girlie and some girls probably do love it, but when Leisure Girl and I went to see the B52s on Sunday Night at the new Club Nokia in DoTo (downtown) LA, Pink Vodka helped get the party started and keep it going. Check out their website apparently they make Pink Rum, Gin, White Whiskey?, Sake...geez! Infused with caffeine and guarana (which also has caffeine), PV (my new name for it) does exactly what it was designed to do. It gets you teed and wakes you the hell up. I love how this is legal and other things are not. Anyway, for those of you who like the effects of Red Bull and Vodka, but don't like the taste of Red Bull this is the drink for you. PV tastes like pure vodka (which just tastes like pure alcohol). Goes great with club soda and a wedge of your favorite citrus fruit! Try it and you won't be disappointed. Unless you drink it before you go to bed, then you won't be able to sleep.


cyberob151 said...

Ayesha got them to sponsor the Western Center's Fair Shake party. We drank many a PV mixer until they stopped serving

ADubJ said...

Does this mean the room spins twice as fast?

Teed McFadden said...

PV for life!