Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If You Build It, They Will Tee.

Lately I've been bitching about the high price of cocktails, especially in towns like LA, South Beach, New York, Las Vegas. In pretty much any fancy high roller joint these days, booze ain't cheap. So here's a tip. Before you check in, steer your rental car or your cab driver by the nearest liquor store and stock up on the essentials: bottle of choice, mixer of choice, beer, snacks, bottled water and clear medium size plastic cups. I can not stress to BYOW (Bring Your Own Water). One medium size bottle of Evian in our room was $11! Plus you can take your plastic container filled with home made adult beverage down to the pool. No worries mate! (Clear ones blend in w/ the hotel's better than frat boy red cups, fyi.) Even in a recession, one wants to be cheap not look cheap.
I know what some of you are thinking. "Teed, that's what the mini bar is for!" Well, I think those things charge you for even just taking something out of the mini fridge. You can't even look at the label to see how overpriced the snack or beverage is without paying for it. Ripoff! Do yourself a favor. Fill up that ice bucket (that's what it's there for). Pour yourself a tall stiff one and relax, it's practically on the house.


ADubJ said...

How'd you get a picture of my desk?

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true dat!

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