Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tequila Bandera

Are any of you familiar with Tequlia "Bandera" Style? I just heard about it on a radio ad. Aparently, you are poured 3 shots (I assume chilled) of tequila, lime juice and this reddish sangrita (translation: cute little blood - kind of like spicy bloody mary mix). You can sip each shot in any order you like. Check out otherways to drink tequila (other than margaritas) on liquorsnob.com


Victoria said...

i never knew about this... thanks LM!

Teed McFadden said...

Why you're are quite welcome!

ADubJ said...

Teed X 3?
Teed to the 3rd power?
Tres Teed?

The Leisure Man said...

Como se llama? Tres teeds? Si, tres teeds.