Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Reading from the Book of Teed

As a new installment, I'm choosing some excerpts from my new favorite piece of literature, Drunk by Paul Dickson. I picked up this puppy at Borders. Periodically, I will quote some alternative terms for teed (teed is in the book, but more on that later). Heck, I could even start a new blog called Teed and Teed(lia), an homage to Julie and Julia, where I act out every. It's also fun to use these words in a sentence. Try it at home or at the bar!

Starting alphabetically:

All at Sea
(The gents and I are All at Sea right now.)
All Schnozzled Up

Been too free with the Creature
Been too free with Sir John Strawberry (TK can't drive, because he's been too free with Sir John Strawberry this evening.)

...stay tuned for C

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