Friday, April 30, 2010

Celentano Men Have Named You

The Celentano is by far my favorite pizza from Osteria La Buca in Hollywood on Melrose. I've also had two great celeb citings there, Don Johnson and Danny Devito (so you know it's good). This amazing creation features pancetta (Italian bacon), blue cheese, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano and yes, a sunny side up egg in the middle. There is no sauce on the pizza, so the egg yolk, once broken, serves that purpose.
Previously "La Buca" was run by my friend Fillipo and his "Mama", who made all the pasta from scratch. Now, Fillipo and Mama have since left and opened a restaurant down the street from La Buca called Osteria Mama. The new "Mama" seems to be quite popular, but I'm waiting until their liquor license goes through to try the place.


Victoria said...

It is truly amazing!

cyberob151 said...

Don Johnson.....too cool.


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