Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Airlines say: Leisure Board at Home!

A recent article in the LA Times states that surfboard fees for airlines are going up to as much as $300 per board. This is not the Aloha Spirit we were looking for. For a long time travelers have not been charged for golf clubs, which probably weigh heavier than surfboards, so what gives? I believe that it's unfair singling out of the surf culture, which large corporate air carriers do not understand and/or don't care if they piss off, hence exploiting their unfair monopoly. Golf travelers (aka affluent salesmen) they do understand and do want their business. Solution: rent a board or buy then sell one on your trip (it would be much as it would cost to check it). Also, sometimes upon return, the foreign airlines personnel will not charge extra for your board (if you're nice). Or grease a sky cap, those guys can pull off anything!

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