Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to The Parker Palm Springs

Hello and welcome to The Parker Palm Springs. Please take your mind altering drugs now. Ok, now please have a lemonade while you wait to check in and for your hallucinogenics to kick in. Designed by Jonathan Adler, the Parker has lots of cool modern-grandma-70s-acid trip decor to check out. This post is mainly about the Leisure activities one can enjoy there. Also, not featured here is our visit to the Spa oddly named The Palm Springs Yacht Club, a very nice facility.
This is the sign for the fine French cuisine restaurant on the property called, Mr. Parker's. It's a magical mystery tour, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

After we checked into our spacious and cool room, we hit the Lemonade stand. I got a Hefewizen and Lemonade concoction, very tasty, like a beer lemonade. LG had the muddled and spiked Lemonade. They love their Lemonade here.
Next to the Lemonade Stand is a French Bocce Ball court. The French version is called Petanque. We had lunch next to the court. I had a $15 Kobe Beef Hot Dog. What's the French word for "sucker"?
Choose your own Leisure: Giant Chess or out door Ping Pong in the sand.

Of course, one could just lounge by the pool with a good book. The Parker has two.

Also, on property is a Croquet Court. I skate board surf-style. I croquet golf-style. Deal with it, Europe!

Leisure, thy name is Parker.

All this leisure business is making me exhausted!

We finished off the evening at Mr. Parker's, a fun place with good food in the French tradition, but without the attitude. Although expensive, the resort is still within reach and less than 2 hours driving distance from Los Angeles. Take your lady. She'll love you for it.


Victoria said...

great post!

tam pham said...

was that you reading "kitchen confidential"??? one of my all time faves...

The Leisure Man said...

you know it Tam!