Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Super Sunday

Say it ain't so, another Ra-Fed match up in the Australian Open and the American football finals game known stateside as Super Bowl XLIII on one glorious day?!?! Both matches were very close. Just in case you didn't see the Australian Open at 3:30am or Tivo(TM) it, Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer in the 5th set (in 4hrs and 24 minutes time) to win his 6th major tournament. There was a very touching exchange at the trophy presentation ceremony between Rog and Rafa, aw.Later on this sport filled Super Bowl Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers scored a touchdown in the final minute to beat the AZ Cardinals 27-23, but alas, they didn't cover the spread of -7. Well, if you didn't bet on the Steelers to win, it was at least an interesting game. Maybe at the end of it all Kurt Warner cried and hugged Ben Roethlisburger.

Oh, and some guy name Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played for 12 minutes at half time. I'm not sure what Sylvio from The Sapronos was doing there, but I bet that "The Boss" did "Born to Run" and "Glory Days", but for some reason that proposition bet was thrown out of our pool. What's up with that MTH?
So ends another football season and a begins another golf and tennis season, a time of being less glued to ESPN, unless you're into basketball...hmm basketball...?


Victoria said...

after watching rafa and federer i'm ready to play tennis!

ADubJ said...

Basketball is okay . . . in March.

That was a hella show Springsteen put on. Although, I bet he wished he could have sweat a little more.