Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jury Pool Party

While some might say that reporting for Jury Duty is not a leisure activity, I ask you this. What if reading was a leisure activity to you? What if coming together with your fellow citizens or "peers" and discussing current events or making a puzzle together, while you patiently await your fate was what you considered a good time?
I hung tight with my fellow Lost Angelenos in a room this morning and read several periodicals, catching me up on many current events and it really felt good to finally finish that article in that fancy magazine. I saw others with their noses in novels. At one table people from all different backgrounds sat with puzzles, games and sodas before them. They shared stories and laughs, while they made the most of it.
During our break, I had lunch with a friend nearby. I finally enjoyed this delicious dish at this place I've heard so much about. (Seriously, I had a note on my fridge to remind me to go there). Anyway, that my friends is leisure. That is America! Oh wait...they just called a bunch of names, including mine. Wish us luck!


Victoria said...

nice work babe with all the blog posts. they are very funny :)

cyberob151 said...

Don't forget that it's a great place to pick up girls....