Monday, October 13, 2008

Mmmmm Kippenberger and Mocha

FYI, my City of LA Juror Badge (yes still on duty) allows me free admission to the MOCA downtown, so on our lunch break I went to check out Martin Kippenberger's exhibit: The Problem Perspective. Mr. Kippenberger sure made a lot of art in his short 44 years (he died of liver cancer). Supposedly, he was a wild man during his years in Lost Angeles, drinking, carousing and womanizing. My favorite pieces out of the many mixed media bunch were the sketches done on hotel stationary from around the world (not necessarily drawn in the city of the hotel's paper). It's like a skewed travel log. The artist also was into some kinky stuff as displayed by some of his sketches of tied up nudes, fun for the whole Manson family.

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