Monday, October 20, 2008

Muni Golf

What can I say about Public Golf Courses that hasn't been said already? CP, RM and I rolled out to The Gritty of Lost Angeles Department of Parking Lots and Wreck-reation Balboa Golf Course in Encino. Twas a pretty nice day in the San Fernando Valley I must say. Not only were they aerating the greens, but also we came upon several gaggles of geese. I think the course makes extra money buy stocking the place with these geese that lay golden golf balls. Look it's a platinum one, white gold!
There's a classic snack shack that hasn't change since Caddy Shack. What goes well with a dog and 24 ounces of Miller Lite in a can? That would be Muni Golf and another 24 ounces of Miller Lite in a can. I did shoot an 80 thanks to the ultra short par 5's temporary green placements, no thanks to the aerated greens or maybe it was the beer.

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ADubJ said...

Mmmmmm . . . I want a hotdog and ice cold Miller. Nice work on the 80. Better work on the hotdog shot.