Wednesday, January 14, 2009

EP Stands for Echo Park and El Prado

Thanks to Ed for the recommendation of El Prado for some fine micro brews, snacks and records (as they boast on their website). You'll find this relatively new beer only bar in the heart of Historic Echo Park, Los Angeles, California on the safer, cleaner than ever Sunset Boulevard. A hip joint that seems more at home in SoHo than East LA. The menu is written on the mirrored wall. Beer: I tried the Coronado Orange Ave Ale (Was it orange tasting or was that the cough drop I had before? Who cares! It was good.) Snacks: walnuts, still in the shell (You gotta really want to eat them, hipsters.), goat cheese and whatnot. Vinyl: Elvis, makes me wonder what "Jail House Rock" is really all about. All in all, cool spot!

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