Friday, January 9, 2009


I just caught a cab home in Hollywood. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to be safe and sound, but sometimes taxi rides can be weird. For example, the car I just got in was driven by a man I'm not sure had a permit to drive a hired vehicle (I saw none such license). On top of this, the seat belt light/bell kept going off every minute or so (which caused me to look for the hack license, maybe the two are related). Oh, and don't get me started when they don't have change! I mean you're a cab driver! You're pretty mucah a late night professional change maker! Anyone else have any weird cab stories?


cyberob151 said...

Ayesha and I had a similar experience one New Years. We hailed a cab on Santa Monica Blvd. on the way home from the Hollywood Canteen. I noticed that no medallion nor license was displayed as required. Also the meter seemed to run twice as fast as the meter of the cab we took to get to the Hollywood Canteen. When I noted these discrepancies to the cab driver, he exclaimed, "You got me! I am a renegade cab." Beware the renegade cab.

The Leisure Man said...

Isn't Renegade Cab a new series on FX? No, jk! I know. I wonder sometimes if the cab driver is in worse shape than I am while driving, because he's tired or whatever. I've never had a woman cab driver either.

Victoria said...

sounds like a renegade cab that robin knows all about. i've never had one normal taxi ride in hollywood by the way. i had some great ones in SF though.