Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Football Finale

Well, my friends, now is that glorious moment in time we like to call the playoffs or the post season and/or the Bowl Championship Series, if you are more of a college football fan. My Miami Dolphins did much better this year than the previous year at least making it to the playoffs. FSU needs to step it up to get back to the ACC powerhouse it once was. But seriously, how can you couch potatoes sit around and watch 12 hours of Sports on TV??!? Answer: Easy! Ha!
Here's a question: Basketball? I'm more of a latter in the season basketball fan. California has like seven basketball teams, so there's always some one in the playoffs to root for. Maybe one could spend more time outdoors this winter/spring if possible or hit the gym to get in shape.
I'm going to enjoy these last few glorious weeks of the gridiron, but daggummit, going to miss you, man.


Victoria said...

isn't the super bowl in FL this year?

The Leisure Man said...

Why you are correct! Tampa, FL

tam pham said...

boomer sooner!